First letter to HYP newbies

In this letter, I want to teach a newbie how to take advantage of hyip programs. So not only can you make money through them, but also make your experience grow sustainably.

In the paragraphs below, we will classify all hyip programs into two types: the first type is the programs we not only invest, but also analyse; the second type is the programs which we won’t invest, but analyse. Simply speaking, with the first type of programs, our purpose is making money and learning experience from them. But with the second type of programs, our purpose is just to learn experience from them, for you won’t invest money into them at all.

So what kind of programs should the newbies choose as the first type? My suggestion is that they should choose long-term hyips, because short-term hyips are a little bit risky for them. Although it takes you longer period to get your principal back with the long-term hyips, but it is better than losing it, right? Most of the newbies just join hyip industry for the high profit, but they ignore the risk behind each program. I think it is just a little case for you to lose money, but a big case for you to lose your faith in hyip industry. That is my opinion. And if you participate into the long-term hyips, as time goes by, you could have a better understanding about this industry, and this is good for you in the long term. So never be hurry to make lots of money here. Just be patient and just keep learning.

And also, as a newbie, it is not enough to just invest your money into the programs which you like. So you must analyse more programs at the same time, including short-term hyips, mid-term hyips and long-term hyips. To see what figures do they have, such as their domains, servers, contents on their website, the money for advertising and so on. I think it will be more useful for you in the future than just investing and then waiting for the profit. Because the programs you participate will break down finally, but the experience you have learnt will always follow you. Hope you understand. All hyips are just games, so all of them will be over sooner or later, if you don’t want to lose, then master the skills. These will never be devalued.

Keep repeating the two process above, that is investing and analyzing, I think you will form your own theory and habit in this industry.