Review: 200% after 1-10 days

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Started: 24th Jun 2019


Send at least 0.005 BTŠ” and soon you will start receiving withdrawals to your wallet until the amount of payments reaches 200% of BTC you send. Each new deposit is divided into all project participants, our system takes a commission of 10%.

Each payment comes to your wallet automatically after the appearance of a new deposit in our system. After you create a deposit, our system will pay funds to the wallet that has been specified by you in the beginning of the creation of the deposit.

Investment Plans: Minimum spend $50, earn 200% after 1-10 days

Payment Options: Bitcoin

Withdrawal Type: Automatical

Referral Commissions: 10%



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  1. 38.07 dollars BTC withdrawal request received automatically, thanks admin: 66498c39c9e7041e5260136bcea8df9194835a43da0746f6897f45118e325728

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