Second letter to newbies

In our last letter, we discussed how to accumulate your experience with two kind of hyip programs. Today, let us begin with the second letter to newbies.

If a newbie want to participate in this field, the most important thing for him is not the types of hyips or how to choose hyips, for my part, the first thing he should know is the risk in this industry. In the paragraphs below, I will tell the the reason.

First: The nature of each investment industry.

Every investment field has its own risk, I think everybody knows this. Let alone hyip industry which provides you with the highest daily net profit. The more profit is, the risk it has, this will be never changed.

Second: Referral commission

Some investors will promote their own programs to seek higher fortune. This is not wrong, because every investor will do this, and without promotion, the programs can’t survive long actually, because there is no new blood. But they should not exaggerate the profit and minimize the risk of the program being promoted. So as a newbie in this industry, you must be careful with such people. I know a lot of new investors were cheated by such bad guys. They just wanted the referral commission and didn’t care their downlines at all. So if a person tells you that this program is no risk at all, than just put him into blacklist and forget what he said.

Third: Low costs to set up an hyip program

A domain name, a server, a SSL certificate and an hyip script manager are almost all the things you need to set up your own program. So lots of fast scammers also open their own site to make money. Of course, there are also hyips who really have their own business, but this phenomenon is so rare, and in most cases such real company will provide you with a very low profit, such 10% monthly.

Fourth: There exists no perfect supervision in this field

You don’t have to provide your own business license when setting up a program and no annual survey is needed, either. So the most perfect way to supervise is the hyip monitors and the investors themselves. But what is worse is that most of monitors didn’t do their work well and always give a wrong data to investors. So no one can really predict when a program will be over.

Fifth: Vulnerable to hacker attacks

Because of the large amount of money flows in this industry, so it is attractive to hackers. According to statistics, there will be 24 attacks per minute in this industry. So newbies, if the program which you invest can’t open, don’t worry, just wait, because a good program won’t break down because of DDOS attacks. But the terrible thing is not DDOS attacks itself, but the influence they bring after the attacks. Because during the website down period, all withdraws will be suspended or change instant payment to manual payment. So during this period, there will no new investment. However, after this period, lots investors will withdrawal their profit and principal.

So my friends, whatever your referee says, you should have your own opinion about this industry. If you can really bear the risk and at the same time want to get the profit, then put your spare into the program, or else, just keep your pocket close.