Third letter to hyip newbies

After the first letter and second letter, I think there is a need to publish the third letter. I conclude the contents into three points. Mainly about misconceptions from hyip newbies.

First: Don’t have a correct view of the risk hidden in hyips

About the risk in this industry, I think I can’t emphasize it too much. Because so many newbies fell down here. When they see the high profit, they forgot the things called risk, or when their uplines told them this was a good opportunity for you to get rich, they just believed the guys. This is a sad behavior for an investor. In my opinion, the most important thing for an investor is independent mind. Never ignore the risk because of the words around you. You must keep awake every miunte.

So I want to remind every newbie who wants to step into this field. If there is no risk at all, then where does the high profit come from? Never put the money you can’t afford to lose into the program.

Second: Compare individual with industry

Some newbies care about how much others invest or how much others win. I want to say this has no relation with you, so it is also meaningless for you.

I think I use the word “meaningless” by mistake. I should have used “harmful”. Because when the newbies see others make a lot of money in this field with ease, they also invest thousands of dollars, but at last, they lose. They just spending lots of time ask how much others invest and how much they win, but they never ask how hard have you worked in this field. This phenomenon has do harm to many newbies as far as I know.

Third: Just think hyips as gambling 

I don’t think this point is absolutely wrong or absolutely right. Because hyip really has the feature of gamble. But which invest field doesn’t? I think each investment industry has its own risk, but if you have enough experience, it is an investment for you, but if you don’t have the relevant skills or knowledge, then it becomes a gamble for you. Right? This is just like the theory of relativity.