Review: 0.8%-1.5% each working day for 20-60 working days

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Started: 05th Oct 2019


Alfa Capital is a specialized cryptoasset trading company, a well-established and diversified principal trading firm Innovative technology and execution.

Established business within global financial firm Successful, reputable, reliable.

Passionate belief in cryptoasset technology Recognized thought leadership and market insight.

World-class trading experience Responsive and efficient Disciplined and discreet.

Investment Plans

(1) Minimum invest 0.002 BTC, earn 0.8% each working day for 20 working days

(2) Minimum invest 0.15 BTC, earn 1.2% each working day for 40 working days

(3) Minimum invest 0.5 BTC, earn 1.5% each working day for 60 working days

Payment Option: BTC, LTC, ETH

Referral Commissions: 5%

Withdrawal Type: Manually



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