Third letter to hyip newbies

After the first letter and second letter, I think there is a need to publish the third letter. I conclude the contents into three points. Mainly about misconceptions from hyip newbies. First: Don’t have a correct view of the risk hidden in hyips About the risk in this industry, I think I can’t emphasize it too much. Because […]

Second letter to newbies

In our last letter, we discussed how to accumulate your experience with two kind of hyip programs. Today, let us begin with the second letter to newbies. If a newbie want to participate in this field, the most important thing for him is not the types of hyips or how to choose hyips, for my part, […]

First letter to HYP newbies

In this letter, I want to teach a newbie how to take advantage of hyip programs. So not only can you make money through them, but also make your experience grow sustainably. In the paragraphs below, we will classify all hyip programs into two types: the first type is the programs we not only invest, […]