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I am not admin or owner of this program! Start date: 2019-02-03 Description: Crowdmining Platform is an innovative multifunctional platform based on two departments: Mining and Analytics & Trading. These two departments continuously interact with each other. This approach provides significant advantages, optimizes costs and maximizes profits. For example, Analytics provides the mining farm with […] Review: 1% daily for lifetime

Description: Armo Services Ltd is registered in the UK in 2018, identification number 11148433. Armo Services Ltd provides services to its clients by investing in crypto-currencies (Bitcoin mainly) derivatives exchange trading. Our team of highly qualified and experienced traders does its works on the Ameritrade exchange, as well as on some other specialized exchanges, such […] Review: 1%-1.5% daily for 15 days and principal back

Description: Statum Global – an investment and manufacturing environmental holding from China specializing in cryptocurrency mining using clean and renewable energy sources. The use of green energy is a reliable way to preserve the environment for future generations. The management of Statum Global is confident that renewable energy is not only the future of China. […] Review: 3% daily for 45 days

Description: SONATA GLOBAL BUSINESS LTD is a legitimately enrolled private constrained organization, which was established in 2018 in London (UK). what’s more, it transformed into an open organization to give everybody access to the monetary items offered by SONATA GLOBAL BUSINESS LTD. Venture administration limit made by experts working with the Company was the principal […]